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Academic Coaching

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Education is the key to success, and at The Brainery, we are dedicated to unlocking every student's full potential. Our tutoring programs are designed to improve academic abilities and increase confidence in learning. We use research-based strategies and offer individualized learning plans to cater to each student's unique needs. By investing in education, we are investing in a brighter future for our students.

Academic Coaching Options


Grades Up

Bring up class grades with a highly qualified academic coach to bring up the grades in a core class of your choosing. We 'll work with class assignments and understanding  concepts. 

Grades: K-12 (RELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, Spanish)

Packages : 4, 8, & 12 Sessions

Times: 60 min (In-Person or Virtual)

Home Tutoring

Skill Builder

Increase your child's academic abilities in RELA and/or Math. A learning plan will be created based on a diagnostic test, with 1 to 2 focused goals. Paired with a highly qualified academic coach each session will be geared around strengthen their academic abilities as they make progress towards their goal. A post test will be given at the end to show growth.


Grades: K-12 (RELA or Math)

Packages: 24 & 48 Sessions

Times: 60 min (In-Person or Virtual)

*Includes: Learning Plan and Pre/Post Diagnostic 

Happy Teenager

School Year Support

A mix of the Grades Up & Skill Builder program, your child will have the benefit of getting support in their core classes while also working towards increasing their academic abilities in either RELA or Math. A diagnostic test, learning plan, and post test will be provided in the focus subject (RELA/Math).

Grades: K-12

Packagess: 48, 64, 80 Sessions

Times: 30 min (Virtual only) & 60 min (In-Person or Virtual)

*Includes: Learning Plan and Pre/Post Diagnostic 

Virtual & In-Person

  • Mon. to Fri. 3  to 8 pm

  • Sat. 9 am to 1 pm

  • Limited Daytime hours are available on Monday & Wednesday

  • Mon. to Thurs. 5 to 8 pm

  • Space is limited

  • Upper Marlboro, MD

Discover The Brainery Advantage

Take the First Step to Academic Success Today

To start your sessions, please choose one of the following options


1) Student Success Call & Booking - this option is perfect for families who need more information about which program would be the best fit for their student and for those interested in the Grades Up Package.

2) Diagnostic & Consultation - this option is ideal for families who want to enroll in the Skill Builder or School Year Support Packages, or for those looking for a standalone diagnostic test and personalized learning plan.

If you purchase a package within 14 days of your consultation, the cost of the consultation will be applied.

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