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The Brainery's Partnerships

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Empower your students to reach their full potential by teaming up with The Brainery for top-notch supplemental educational services. Our innovative programs are designed to support student growth and success in schools and organizations. Let us help your students achieve their academic goals and unlock their full potential.

Why Partner With The Brainery?

The Brainery offers research-based programs that can be customized to meet the organization's needs and budgets. Additionally, we specialize in serving students with special needs including those with cognitive disabilities.

Available Programs:

High-Dosage Date Based Individualized Tutoring (Individual & Small Group)

K to 8 Reading & Math Interventions

Specialized Tutoring (Students with Cognitive Disabilities)

Power Hour- (Homework Help/ Concept Clarity)

Compensatory IEP Services

Virtual (During & After-School) & In-Person Options (After School)


Prince George's County Public School

Special Education Department

  • Compensatory Services

Prince George's County Public Schools

McKinney Vento Program

  • Power Hour

Providence St. John Baptist Church

  • Homeschool Tutorial Program

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