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The Brainery - Academic Coaching for the
Unique Learner

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Education is the key to success, and at The Brainery, we are dedicated to unlocking every student's full potential.

Our tutoring programs are designed to improve academic abilities and increase confidence in learning. We use research-based strategies and offer individualized learning plans to cater to each student's unique needs. By investing in education, we invest in a brighter future for our students.

How We Support

Learning Plans

A learning plan is developed for each student  that details 1-2 learning goals that will be the focus of the sessions. These goals can be determined by diagnostic tests, IEPs, standard testing results, and parental input.
RELA or Math

1:1 Coaching

Each student is matched with a qualified academic coach who will help them build their academic skills and achieve their goals in a fun, interactive, and student-centered way.

Skill Building

With the help of their academic coach, each session will be tailored to help students strengthen their academic abilities and make progress towards their goals. The learning plan, learning styles, and the Socratic method will be used to guide the sessions.


 Our Socratic approach to learning lets students take the lead in their
lessons and achieving their academic goals. Through this ownership and increased
understanding of concepts, kids will feel more confident in their abilities.


Session Details

Session Length: 30 or 60-minute Virtual Sessions

Summer Availability: Monday-Thursday 3- 8 pm

Packages: 8, 24, 48 Sessions (2 Sessions a week)

Diagnostic Test

Reading (Phonics, K-12) & Math ( K-Algebra ) Diagnostic Test 

Given virtually during normal business hours


For informational and/or Academic Purposes Only

The Brainery Experience

At The Brainery, we provide world-class guidance that helps our students achieve their goals.  We know that learning is not one size fits all and finding the instructional method that suits a range of students is the best way to ensure improved grades, test scores, and overall academic achievement. With over 25 years of educational experience, our programs include a student-centered approach that makes education engaging and fun. When learning becomes fun, motivation grows, and good results are sure to follow. 

Graduation Hat Throw


We not only increase academic abilities but also increase academic confidence inside and outside of the classroom.

Online Class


Our Academic Coaches have come with at least 2 years of classroom experience and the ability to work with a variety of learners.

Online Education


An easy to use and accessible virtual platform accessible anywhere there is internet connection.



Individualize learning to meet the needs of each student. Our socratic-method of instructing supports students with a variety of learning needs.

What Our Families Have To Say!

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Frequently Asked Questions?

My child has an IEP, can they receive academic coaching?

YES!!! We specialize in our ability to support a wide range of learners, including those with IEPs. From students with learning disabilities to those with cognitive disabilities, we have a program for them.

Can I work with the same academic coach again?

Once you are assigned to an individual academic coach you will be with them for the duration of the sessions, unless an unforeseen event causes a change.

If you suspend services and would like to return there is no guarantee that you will receive the same academic coach.

My child is in Kindergarten, can they receive academic coaching?

YES!! Kindergarten learners will be able to receive services online. Their sessions may be shorter, and more interactive sessions, and parents may be asked to sit with them.

What's the minimum time to work with an academic coach?

Brainery's High Dosage Coaching is recommended for at least 2 weekly sessions in a single subject. 

What is High Dosage Coaching


How do I get an academic coach?

Schedule a Student Success Call where we will discuss you and your child's needs and pair you with a coach and plan that best fits your needs and budget.

System Requirements

Sessions are powered by Zoom. Click on the link below to ensure that your system is capable of running Zoom. 

Zoom Requirements

Test Zoom

The Brainery has noticed that Chromebooks and School issued devices often do not allow for the full range of Zoom features.

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